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Before The Fall

This song is by The Hellacopters and appears on the album Rock & Roll Is Dead (2005).

Got beggars and clerks
Got teachers and kids
Elected men off work
Defrocked preachers forbid
I wonder how they can stand it
Or if they care at all
As they waste the last few days
Before the fall

Homesick prisoners
And party throwers
With all their honored guests
And their going nowheres
You know I cannot be bothered
Just ain't no point at all
I've done a lot of screaming
But no one would heed the call
Before the fall

Talk show hosts
Prophets and the police
Swinging bachelor ghosts
And lone divorcees
I don't wanna hear no more
Not a word about this at all
No use to keep on screaming
'Cause no one will head the call
Before the fall

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