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Television soundtrack by various artists.
  1. I'm Still on Your Side by Jamie Walters
  2. Rear View Mirror by Shawn Thompson
  3. So Hot by Jamie Walters
  4. How Do You Talk to an Angel (Main Title Theme) by Jamie Walters
  5. Children of the Night by Jamie Walters
  6. Common Ground by Charlotte Ross
  7. Battleground by Shawn Thompson
  8. Feelin' Alright by Alex Désert
  9. Natalie by Zachary Throne
  10. What Does It Take by Zachary Throne
  11. The Man You Used to Be (A Song for Dad) by Shawn Thompson
  12. Joanne by Zachary Throne
  13. Strongest Man Alive by Ken Garito
  14. Friendship by Alex Désert

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