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This song is by The HeeBeeGeeBees and appears on the album 20 Big No. 2's (1984).

Beautiful ecstasy
Magical poetry
Lovelier than love can be
Wonderful, that's Me

I'm gonna be famous
I'm gonna be number one
Oh, Me!
Gonna climb the tree of life
And when I reach the top
I'm gonna piss on everyone

I've got more talent in my ass
Than all the others in this class
I'll be a sensation, I've got it made
If it takes ten years, I'll be in laid
It that meant I'll be a star
I would sell my own grandma
I would shoot a crippled man
That's the sort of bastard I am

I'm gonna be famous
I'm gonna get into TV
Oh, Me!
Gonna get into movies
And into producers individually

"So, you wanna be famous, hah? Well, this is where you'll start paying for it. Now, take off your dress and lie on this couch here and put on this galoshes for me, will you?"

Wanna be a household name
Wanna be a superstar
Oh, Me!
I'm gonna have no shame
I'm gonna die on drugs
From an overdose of...