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Rise and Glide

This song is by The Heavy Blinkers and appears on the album The Heavy Blinkers (2000).

She won't tell a lie, 'cause then it may not come true
And she cries "ooh", oh my girl
But the ferris wheel goes round
The fair travels town to town
The children cheer "ooh"

Don't cry girl, the midway rides
Will make it right or at least spin you around
Till you're dizzy like the rest of this old town
And you should know, just slip inside
We'll rise and glide till the air cools out your mind
And then you can face it all over again

Tinsel flows upon her hair, confetti floats on air
And I sing "You're the one for me, let's make this clear"
Twilight, the highlight of the summer, the fire needs more lumber
"You're the one for me, let's make this clear."

Trust in what I say, just walk in through the gate, breathe it in
"Ooh" oh my girl
He may not be around, but there's plenty of other clowns
Here's one now "ooh"
Oh my girl


Written by:

Jason MacIsaac and Andrew Watt

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