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Album by The Heads.
  1. Damage I've Done (featuring Johnette Napolitano)
  2. The King Is Gone (featuring Michael Hutchence)
  3. No Talking Just Head (featuring Debbie Harry)
  4. Never Mind (featuring Richard Hell)
  5. No Big Bang (featuring Maria Mckee)
  6. Don't Take My Kindness For Weakness (featuring Shaun Ryder)
  7. No More Lonely Nights (featuring Malin Anneteg)
  8. Indie Hair (featuring Ed Kowalczyk)
  9. Punk Lolita (featuring Debbie Harry, Johnette Napolitano and Tina Weymouth)
  10. Only The Lonely (featuring Gordon Gano)
  11. Papersnow (featuring Andy Partridge)
  12. Blue Blue Moon (featuring Gavin Friday)

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