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The Head and the Heart (2010)Edit

The Head And The Heart - The Head and the Heart
The Head and the Heart
  1. Cats and Dogs
  2. Coeur d'Alene
  3. Ghosts
  4. Down in the Valley
  5. Honey Come Home
  6. Lost in My Mind
  7. Winter Song
  8. Sounds Like Hallelujah
  9. Heaven Go Easy on Me
Bonus track on 2011 reissue
  1. Rivers and Roads

Let's Be Still (2013)Edit

The Head And The Heart - Let's Be Still
Let's Be Still
  1. Homecoming Heroes
  2. Another Story
  3. Springtime
  4. Summertime
  5. Josh McBride
  6. Shake
  7. Cruel
  8. Let's Be Still
  9. My Friends
  10. 10,000 Weight in Gold
  11. Fire/Fear
  12. These Days Are Numbered
  13. Gone

Signs of Light (2016)Edit

The Head And The Heart - Signs of Light
Signs of Light
  1. All We Ever Knew
  2. City of Angels
  3. Rhythm & Blues
  4. False Alarm
  5. Dreamer
  6. Library Magic
  7. Turn It Around
  8. Colors
  9. Take a Walk
  10. Oh My Dear
  11. I Don't Mind
  12. Your Mother's Eyes
  13. Signs of Light

Other SongsEdit

  1. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Additional information

Band members:
  • Kenny Hensley - piano
  • Josiah Johnson - vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Jonathan Russell - vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Charity Rose Thielen - violin, backing vocals
  • Tyler Williams - drums
  • Chris Zasche - bass
Record labels:

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