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One Kill Wonder

This song is by The Haunted and appears on the album One Kill Wonder (2002).

I stab you in the face
Just to let the world know how I feel.
Can you sense my pain?
I am not scared to die,
Just biding time.
No escape from the raging fires.
I'll set this world alight just for you.

Face death sublime.

My soul so dark and hollow.
Moulded by destructive hands.
Can you take the pain?
Bury you with your saviour.
Foetal pose in a pool of blood.
I'll set my world alight just for you.

Face death sublime.
Fuel the fire.
One kill wonder. One kill!

I feel the hatred rise within me.
Fulfil my need and watch you die.

Can you feel my pain?
I guess you can,
Right up to the fuckin' hilt.
Left behind for the world to know.
My terror - Now the tide has turned
I said the tide has turned.
Desire face death sublime.
One kill wonder. One kill!

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