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This song is by The Haunted and appears on the album One Kill Wonder (2002).

Souls, damned and deserted.
Waiting for the lord to call.
Sheep who lost their shepherd,
Your God deceived you all.
Look who he left in charge.
The ill-conceived bastard son.
Left to die on the cross.
For what, for whom?
I am all sins

God Puppet
Religious disease.
I hold the answers that you seek.
Trade your life for an addiction.
I'll drain your mind and fuck your soul
Spawned by the lord of darkness
And raised by the whore of the angels.
I've been sent to rape you all.
I am all sins,
God Puppet!
God Puppet!

Sheep who lost their shepherd.
Your God betrayed you all.

God Puppet!
You fucking, God Puppets!
I am all sins

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