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This song is by The Handsome Family and appears on the album Odessa (1995).

Arlene, I'm sorry for what I've done
I wasn't looking for love till I saw
Your red hair in the sun
What we had, could never be love

That was easy to see
But when I saw you at Red's
Pouring coffee
Something took a hold of me

Arlene, you wouldn't even let me
Hold your hand
When I stopped you in the road
You just screamed and ran

That night I decided I was gonna marry you
My knife went through your screen door
And I went away with you
You were singing "Please let me go"

All the way down to Miller's cave
When I picked a stick up off the ground
You cried, "I ain't ready for my grave"

Oh, Arlene, in the dark
Your hair's just as red
And this long, dark cave
Will always be our wedding bed


Written by:

Sparks Brett; Sparks Rennie

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