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This song is by The Guggenheim Grotto and appears on the album The Universe Is Laughing (2010).

If I concentrate I can see your curve
The length of you in silhouette
And if I concentrate I can hear your voice
I will tremble those when you get upset

If I really try, the moon appears
It's come a very long way
To play with your head

And the soles of your feet
Are pressed against my skin
But that's where it fades
Yeah, that's how it ends

Though I concentrate
Yes, I concentrate

If I concentrate, if I give my all
The fog of thoughts evaporate
If I concentrate, I can disappear
Like a ringing church 'neath the perfect lane

And if I lose myself the world appears
Shaking the gold of the sun from her hair
And the soul of the sea is pressed against my mind
Joy in the air, arms open wide

And I concentrate
Yes, I concentrate
Yes, I concentrate
Yes, I concentrate


Written by:

Michael Henry Lynch; Kevin Gerard May

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