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What It Is

This song is by The Growlers and appears on the album Hot Tropics (2010).

Thick heads oh you don't believe until the spirit has creeped in between your sheets
Oh what it is (x2)
That's just a draft and you imagined a laugh
Discredit the gasp for he been pullin on the shnapps
Oh what it is (x2)
From the patriarch to the man of the book
Insane to the saints they have all been shook
On what it is (x2)
Things aren't always what they seem
Demons or ghosts or a rumpot's dream
Sleep deprived or hypnotized
Easy to throw aside until it's in your eyes
I am a man of no specific faith
I have no knowledge of beyond the grave
But I can't deny the dead don't always die
I have seen a ghost and it was no mistake
It was as clear as all the drinks I've drank
But I swear I was dry the dead don't always die
I was no believer in the tales of fear
To think that Lucifer was always here
That may be a lie but the dead they don't always die
Life is a blessin till you meet your death
Make good with your living breath
Make good with life
You may never die
Eternal life

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