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Let It Be Known

This song is by The Growlers and appears on the album Hot Tropics (2010).

I've been over filling my head
Trying to guess what you're tryin' to express
I wonder how long you've been
Bottled up every time you erupt
I'm tired of walking on eggshells
Gotta wait for you to find out yourself
That it's all in your head
Let it be known
Quit bringing skeletons to bed
And throw me a bone
Let me know
Come on are you blamin on me
I'm not gonna take it personally
I'm just sick of all this negativity
Oh let me know
Or let me be
Oh let me know
Before we both sink this ship and everyone aboard
Is there a wicked man feeding your rage
Something I've done to make you feel betrayed
Tell me now or forever have no peace
Have you built an invisible stage
Or were you hiding your miserable ways
And now they've finally been released
Are you not the friend I once knew
Or has something taken over you
My old friend has been replaced

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