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Road To Road

This song is by The Grouch & Eligh and appears on the album No More Greener Grasses (2000).

Be creative, be daring. Take the scenic route.

Grouch and Eligh:
All I need is,
My heart and soul to live.
I've seen this road before,
And I'm'a drive it again, survive it again.

(Chorus: Grouch, Eligh, Jo Wilkinson)
All I need is,
(All I need)
My heart and soul to live.
(Heart and soul)
I've seen this road before,
(Seen this road)
And I'm'a drive it again, survive it again.
(Drive, sirvive)

I'm only human. I gotta make my mistakes in life.
That means I probably travel similar roads more than twice.
Details are tattered on my battered brain,
Every time I take a path where my footprints already lay.
Memory late, takin' on my struggles.
Tellin' me plain to my face that I've been here before.
Open the lane to my ?(feature)? I'll be ?(mashin)? a highway.
On the way I'll be taking detours tryin' to make it my way.
Monday through Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Every day lurks like time was a man in the dark with a cane.
Beating you down like a raggedy dog with a mane of pain.
Insane thoughts drop like rain, on the windshield of your auora.
Makin' it hard to breath but I believe,
If I keep marchin this path, eventually I'll succeed. (in, in, in who you are.)

Choose your weapon. Back to the basics,
Activate this auto-pilot function junction straight.
Let's navigate to a new lunar height.
Noon to night I'm guided by the tune it's the height,
Mister bright and Doctor bass got the concaulction.
Auction a taste off, lofty costin'.
Heavier hit, ready or not,
Drop, skip the beatin' path, hop toward the hills and the sleepin' grass.
Peel the cover off, butter-soft skin emerged, word.
Where you goin's where I've been.
But I've never been where you've gone.
Our paths'll cross soon, keep on, keep on.

Please God, tell me how to get from A to B.
I keep on doing things that destroy my energy.
My energy's suffering at the hands of my physical needs.
I guess my eyes couldn't see past these, a material greed.
But here and now I understand that bein' a man has nothing to do with,
[?] And detail while we sail, these same waters.
Daughters and sons dying in the seas for the contempt of life.
Hangin' in the tree from the past aggression.
Layin on the beaches bakin in your mistakes.
You put us on the earth to wander and find a niche.
Due to that fact alone, I believe that life's a bitch.

History repeats, the story never peaks.
When you get to where you reached, reach again.
Takin' what you seek.
At your highest point celebrate and then retreat.
I guarantee you missed the mountain (?choppin but that ain't weak?).
Freak'a nature, I'll freak the nature of the beat.
The piece or feature, at least I'm growin'.
Goin' in circles like the planet.
And if that's good for mother earth, God damnit.
You see, I've landed on the path of the sinnin man.
And when I finish I'm goin' back to the beginning man. Righteous.
Not outta sight this is purely in my blueprints.
I'm on this road, just cruisin.

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