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Conspicuous Only In Its Absence (1968)Edit

The Great Society - Conspicuous Only In Its Absence

Conspicuous Only In Its Absence

  • This album was combined with How It Was (1968) to create the 1971 release Collector's Item.
  1. Sally Go Round the Roses
  2. Didn't Think So
  3. Grimly Forming
  4. Somebody to Love
  5. Father Bruce
  6. Outlaw Blues
  7. Often as I May
  8. Arbitration
  9. White Rabbit

How It Was (1968)Edit

The Great Society - How It Was

How It Was

  1. That's How It Is
  2. Darkly Smiling
  3. Nature Boy
  4. You Can't Cry
  5. Daydream Nightmare
  6. Everybody Knows
  7. Born to Be Burned
  8. Father

Born to Be Burned (1996)Edit

The Great Society - Born to Be Burned

Born to Be Burned

  • This is a collection of mostly-unreleased studio recordings, recorded in 1965.
  1. Free Advice
  2. Someone to Love
  3. You Can't Cry
  4. That's How It Is
  5. Girl
  6. Where
  7. Heads Up
  8. Free Advice (Alternate take)
  9. Father Bruce
  10. Born to Be Burned
  11. Double Triptamine Superautomatic Everlovin' Man
  12. Love You Girl
  13. That's How It Is (Alternate take)
  14. Right to Me
  15. Where (Alternate take)
  16. Free Advice (Alternate take)
  17. Daydream-Nightmare-Love

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