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Kat Possessed

This song is by The Great Kat and appears on the album Worship Me Or Die (1987).

KAT possessed your body
And your soul
Now you shall obey me and be my slave!
First, you shall beg and grovel
Then you shall do what I say!
That's right! Blind devotion!

Oh, ye kat - possessed slave!

Roll over and die
If I say you shall, then you must get DOWN!
On the ground. On all fours
And beg to me for mercy
And then BOW!
Four times. To the GODDESS OF METAL. TO ME.
To the great kat!

Brutally rape and dismember
Mercy killing -- YOU SCREAM "POSSESSED!"
Lick my boots
You must surrender
Must I kill you??!
Sacrificial execution. Crucifixion
You scream "possessed! possessed!"
You're my FUCKIN' thrashdisciple
I'm your MASTER!

KAT possessed every
Boy and girl
That means YOU!
My little slave
Get ready for TORTURE!
I'll fuck your brains out!
Abuse, whip, I'll kill you!
I MUST rape, attack!
You need a stern THRASHING!

Oh, ye kat - possessed!
Kat - possessed!
Kat - possessed!
Kat - possessed!

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