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This song is by The Great Kat and appears on the album Beethoven On Speed (1990).

Are you ready to be abused by the great kat????!

Ah! I want to ABUSE you!
Now I get to lock up and hurt you endlessly
I love the pleasure
You love the pain


Ah! NOW! Submit to me!
Boy! Grovel at my feet
I wanna hear you scream my name

I you're abusable, I'LL FIND YOU!

Rip off your shirt
Seduce you MASSIVELY
I want you on your knees
Serving me and doing what I please

Thoroughly abusing your entire body
I scratch you up from head to toe
Whipping! thrashing! pouncing! attacking!
Get ready for the real pain!
Here it comes!

"Now! for the ultimate kat-abuse!"