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Livin' Off

This song is by The Grand Silent System.

No more reply
Simple Simon supplement
On you I'd rely
What is what, I've done my best
Clown can retire
To pencil thin line
Make up off, it's for the best
Rewind, undo, start a fresh
More or less

Take the time when you look 'round
Do you lust what you see?
It's best reduced stock marked down
Comes at guarantee
To be used, to be kicked 'round
Remove all empathy
Any sound from the mute mouth
Voids all warranty!

Enemy speaks to you
On a bicycle built for two
Any reasonable sum
Charge to
As collateral flesh
Will do

Enemy speaks through you
Take a look at yourself
Such impecable taste
You're made to deplete

Gotta get all my shit down
Human Monopoly - is used
To be used to be kicked 'round
Out of my way - please move

Livin' off!

Meet me below

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