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No Worry Birdie

This song is by The Grammar Club.

I know you've been so good.
I know you're probably thinking
That you don't need me anymore

But when I look into you eyes
My stare can pierce your body
Below your stitching
I know you're itching
I want you twitching

If you need somebody who can study
You can study with me
I'll get you bloody
Teach you all about your biolo--baby!

It's OK.

Ooh. You get so nervous.
Get so nervous
What you nervous about
You work it work it
Till you feel like it's about to go

I feel like someone else
I could be your teacher
And one thing's certain
I've got the learning for your yearning
Ooh. You shiver and you shake.
I ike the way your body is honest with me
And copiously,
You've soaked your panties

Ooh baby girl, howdy there
Can I stare? I don't think we've met
Peerless and I'm fearless, rarely beerless
But ya know I will not make you fret
Make you sweat, get you set
On your mark? Then it's best to go
But I got some scars like Hush, and I need you to push
Till you feel like you're about to blow
I'll be your slutty study buddy, with a slide rule and a strap
And if you need me then I'll be there with a ScanTron for dat ass
I'll make you laugh, make you cry, make you want to say good bye
But don't worry about me, at a quarter past three, I'll be up on my feet, moving on with my life

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