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Last Good Day

This song is by The Grammar Club and features Wheelie Cyberman.

Stick a for in my, mamma, I'm done.
That was the last good day on Earth
When I lived there.
Now it's all become a war because of you.

Leaving is picture perfect.
And look how we've seen it through.

I wear my heart on my sleeve. chip on my shoulder.
It gets a bit heavier as I grow older
Revolutionizing industry, we got on the teat
Writing checks for you to cash, and never save the receipt
Queuing up to the buffet with a couple of plates
Then one day they say they ran out, I say they made a mistake
I cut my losses, hold my profits then move on to the next
Because I had you when you're pretty and I have no regrets
I gotta blast off, gotta take off till I'm free in the clear
Keep 'em distracted with some actions, got stir up the fear
And then move in with a redhead with a world of potential
A down payment what I'm making. You were only a rental
Don't get mental, sometimes sacrifices have to be made
And let's be honest man, who really wants to stay in this place?
So all your lovers they can love you till you're dead and you're gone
And so long. Thanks for all of the fish. Au Revoir

Hey Beefy I see we gotta write it out like graffiti.
Gotta make it obvious, OK? No debating the deeper meaning.
I want, I take, I get, then use it up.
Swallow it whole, don't chew it up.
Devour, diminish, demolish, I'm not finished.
Then it's set 'em up, knock 'em down.
Feed 'em up, and then bleed 'em out.
Chop, chop, chop to divide them,
Keep 'em medicated, don't excite them.
Follow the light, believe the hype,
Don't look outside, it's heated now.
Call this a myth? Just wait a bit.
You'll suffer then, so believe me now.
Get up, get up, it's Wheelie C.
Everybody knows that I got to eat.
I got ego, I got needs.
I want to make another mouth to feed.
I want a car and a new TV!
I want it all, give it to me!
Gonna build my legacy with an Octomommy pregnancy.
Let's breed. Let's hatch.
Let's pop 'em out and then spread 'em 'round.
I need a match.
We build it up, so let's burn it down.
I love you. Your just my type.
You're so perfect, you're so fine.
I will use you, eat right through you,
Ruin you, make you mine.

Was it really better when you were alone?
Say you're beautiful before guys like me came along
It was plentiful, bountiful, and enjoyable
You act like I'm the only one who really made it horrible?
Mother Gaia such a martyr, but you burn yourself
Can you blame me just because I wanted something else?
When I was born you said I'd never have to worry
So I didn't, now you act like you're the one that's in a hurry, birdie

Breaking no sweat for the truth. Don't want it.
Can you put your finger on it?

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