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Bank Holiday

This song is by The Grammar Club.

Yea-eah!/ I got bank holiday./ I got reason to live./ I got nothing to lose./ I had nothing to give./ I got money to burn./ I got money to burn./ I got merry-go-round./ It goes all over town./ It goes up. It goes pop until somebody drowns./ I got run-over clown./ I shoot him with my pistol, cause it will prevent him from killing me first.

With just one day/ I can get away/ Give me just a little time/ All I need's a little time/ Give me just a little time/ All I need's a little time/ [Yeah!]

I like the way. I like the way./ I'm not living life/ anymore./ I lived out of a truck/ for well over a year,/ to advance my professional wrestling career./ My name was Alex McSlam./ I had a move where I grabbed my opponent and twisted his kiwis off./ But that didn't last./ Faded with the past./ when they turned me heel,/ I lost fan appeal.

YO!/ My name is Beefy McSmash/ I'm known for whippin' some ass/ And this is my professional career path so/ Why don't ya step right on up/ I see ya walkin' the sides/ Bout to drop an elbow on your head and make your family cry/ This is a bank holiday/ No need for work we need play/ I'm tired of busting my ass like I'm a modern day slave/ And I got nickels to my name but nothing greater/ You'll see me struggle, hustle till the day I meet my maker/ Come on!

So when you break it down all I'm talking about/ Is just running the mouth/ And needing a break, a bank holiday/ Another 24 to get the job done right/ Give me some sunlight/ Unlike games we play, we get one life/ No continue screens/ No popping quarters into big machines/ One day you go/ When there is no/ Credits/ And I'm gonna make the most of this/ [I'm not living life]/ I've got to get it all together and focus/ And a bank holiday's what I need to succeed so please/ Give me just a little time/ [I'm not living life]/ All I need's a little time/ Give me just a little time/ You can get yours and I'm gonna get mine

I'm not living life

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