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Your Birthday Present

This song is by The Good Life and appears on the album Novena on a Nocturn (2000).

Still I wonder how you are,

And what became of all of this
Did you cry when winter's hands
Stole you from that fertile grave?
Did your mother hold you dear
To ease the burden of your pain?
Swallowed out into the light-happy birthday.

Still I wonder how you are;
And how you ever came to be.
I was nothing but a hole,
You nestled in and fell asleep.

Were you sad when you awoke?
Torn away from fertile dreams
I didn't want to wake you up... I'm still sorry.
Happy birthday.

Do you wonder how I am
Do you envision my thin face
Where the beaten go to drink?
I didn't want to cut that cord,
You sucked the life right out of me.
Do you regret choices you've made?
I guess I was a mistake.
I guess I'm your big mistake.
Well happy birthday anyway.


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