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You're Not You

This song is by The Good Life and appears on the album Album of the Year (2004).

You're trying to remember why you cut all your hair. Were you trying to be someone you weren't? You don't hang around the old haunts anymore, no, all the of those bridges are burned. He doesn't' like to share you - he likes your hair short, You're not you, you're not you anymore.

So, take off the necklace he stole from his mother, it doesn't mean what it meant before. Pack up your pictures and gather your clothes, but leave the lingerie he bought you on the floor. It made you so awkward, you felt like a whore... It's not you, it's not you anymore.

Girl you need a vacation, head down to the station, jump on the first train that you see. You've always loved Chicago, or maybe San Francisco, but baby its time to leave. You're nobody's lapdog - you're closing that door. You're not you, you're not you anymore.


Written by:

Stefanie Drootin, Ryan Fox, Tim Kasher, and Roger Lewis

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