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Twenty Two

This song is by The Good Life and appears on the album Novena on a Nocturn (2000).

"Bon voyage" was something that I once said

And eventually regretted.
Well, it's come up again... and I wonder if
The same mistakes I used to make
Could be remade.
Cause "I've been through this before"
Well I've said that too.
There's just so much that we can fake
Before we break ourselves into-two.

Twenty two. the years can hardly catch up
With the years of playing catch up.
Must there always be a catch?
What we really want is just ahead,
Just over that hill.
And the more I learn, the less I try to climb.
The more we change, the more we wish
We stayed the same,
The more we try to fake ourselves into beliefs:
"The grass must be green somewhere!"

Twenty two-the years can hardly catch up,
The years are playing catch up.
Must there always be a catch?


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