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This song is by The Good Life and appears on the EP Lovers Need Lawyers (2004).

I'm not an artist,
I'm an asshole without a job,
making money off alcohol.
Making money off calling myself out,
"Look at me! A fraud, a phony!"
that's all you'll ever become.
You're no artist - you're a musician.
So entertain us,
come on and sing us a song.
Keep the customers drunk.

I'm not a writer,
I'm a kid with a guitar,
and a notebook of scattered thoughts.
Hum a tune, strum the blues,
write some cryptic words.
Whatever works to get you to the next verse.
and once the curtains are drawn
you're screaming contradiction.
So entertain us,
come on, sing us a song
The customer's never wrong

I'm not a singer,
I'm the one with the microphone.
I've been making shit up as I go.
I'm not a singer -
they handed me a microphone,
said "Play along! the show's gotta go on!"
And the show must go on
"Entertain us! Entertain us!"
Give the customers what they want.
you're so down in the mouth,
but sales are up this month.

Written by:

Stefanie Drootin, Ryan Fox, Tim Kasher, and Roger Lewis

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