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This song is by The Gift and appears on the album Vinyl (1998).

All those concret things like net
And hold it
You would like to spend
More time
Now that our days are full of people
And cars
And million species
All those concret things
The concret things
The trees and days
The look and cook
The object the subject
Why and where are those concret things?
So just get away
Of this time
Feeling all the nature
The animals
The fresh air
The blue sky
Those nightlives are really gone
Are really gone
Are really really gone
And now here I am
In this weird places with nothing more
Nothing more
With air
With food
And natural flowers
Waiting and waiting for hours
For those concret things
Sitting and thinking in a problem, so normal
In love or drama
Missing the TV near me
Million species
Million cars
Languid lights like the cinemas
More than love
More than that
Working and working for the word concret

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