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​We Should Get Back Into Books

This song is by The Ghost And The Grace and appears on the album Behold! A Pale Horse (2009).

You get the nerve to say the words you won't,
From a bottle that you hid under your coat,
You say it burns your throat when it goes down,
But I know it burns you more when all the words come tumbling out,

Somehow you are watching from above,
Rising like the bubbles in your blood,
It's hard to tell who are your real friends,
But from up here it's easier to see all of them

Who could see a bird and snap it's wings?
Turn it into some other landlocked thing,
But you are are colorful no matter what,
And nobody could ever take away the wings you've got

I am not afraid of speaking out of turn,
Of stepping on some toes, whichever one is worse,
'Cause I am here for you,
For whatever it's worth,
I'll try to break your fall,
If someone knocks you down to earth