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Open Your Mind

This song is by The Getaway People and appears on the album The Turnpike Diaries (2000).

I'm over the hill and far away
But you can see me at the corner of a liquor store every day
Over and above the crowd I'm on my cloud
But nobody ever listens to what I say
Could it be the way I portray my existence
People always keep in the distance
You're so so blind in my own paradise

Open your mind
Let your spirit fly (in my own paradise)
Peace in our time
Everything is fine
In your own paradise

See me coming from afar one happy day
But you do your very best to avoid me, in every way
The sign is on your face, with every trace
Wrong time, wrong place
You violate my space with your papercup
My dollar bill, you drink it up
Not that I care what I left behind
Outta sight and out of my mind

Open your mind...

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