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Never Be Alone

This song is by The Get Up Kids and appears on the album Guilt Show (2004).

Never love anyone else a promise you made to yourself there's a box with his ring on the
Shelf and it's tarnished the burden of liars and thieves is the baggage that you brought overseas
No matter if you beg and you plead this is over

Whoa that's just the way it would go
No matter how the dice didn't roll you'll never be alone.

A promise, a vow, a commitment the bottle won't help you forget this,
I'm swearing as God as my witness, this is sorry

Whoa that's just the way it would go, no matter how the dice didn't roll, you'll never be alone.

Wondering is it anything that he did?
What's the reason you're ruining this?
Never be alone, words on pages won't replace this

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