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The Dwarf Song

This song is by The Geraldine Fibbers and appears on the album Butch (1997).

They lay me down in a boat like a swan.
The fairies serve me tea in a buttercup - and I'm gone...
We float in her. Her wings are clipped.
But she swims so good, our fine swan ship - and I dip into her eyes...

I found a reason to live today.
My clumsy hands are full of grace.
I make them dance in the strangest place - they fall down.
The trees bow their sleepy heads.
Their flowers drip into my bed - and I touch them to my cheek...

Credits Edit

  • Composer: Carla Bozulich
  • Musicians: Carla Bozulich (singing, acoustic guitar, piano strings); Nels Cline (electric guitar, lap steel guitar); Kevin Fitzgerald (drums, glockenspiel, percussion); William Tutton (acoustic bass, cello); Jessy Greene (violin, viola); Steve Fisk (celeste, organ)

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