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Cry and cry, and when the tears have stopped,
let's keep a smile on our faces
cry and cry, and if you smile to me, ever by my side

The morning light coming from the window
Looks different than usual
This ill air is because I've seen what lay ahead
When the get-well flowers in the vase wilt
I'll leave you, discard everything and go somewhere far away
You always kid around to cheer me up
Cheerfully showing me kindness, caring more about me than yourself...
It must be tough. Seeing me this way.
Why don't you just come and say you're tired?
You never made a sour face;
you simply held me gently and cried for me.

I wanna live, I don't wanna die. Every time I think of it, the tears spill
I wanna live, there's nothing I can do for you

It seems like I've been asleep quite awhile
next to me only your scent remains
I felt a bit uneasy, the fear welling up within me
and the days go by, a memo came to me
as I waited fro you to come home. It was from you.

I was left dumbfounded by what was written
I cried out as if I'd been broken.
(the memo)
I'm sorry.
For acting without your consent
I just wanted to help you.
If I could die for you
nothing would make me happier...
You're always watching over me from within me
When I close my eyes and think about you,
I can't forget that smile.
From now I'll live my life looking at the same background over and over
Blown by the sea breeze and the light coming from the window
I'll fall asleep.
Even if we never awake again