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Where U At?

This song is by The Game.

The Game:Lemme run with ya 4 5 vinna dash choppers on the white walls
50 carat after math change show 'em the ice dog

Fabolous:50 ina am glow camo amo hard top Lambo' they know who I am Though

The Game:Di di di di damn yo can I say that? Niggas stay strap get Ya fitted claped asap Cesar push way back you wanna horse say that

Fabolous:They that type to say that hype the lay that not knows Shots blows with a snippers lay at brain on the wind shield with a wipers Sway at I'm in the mall black carton I swipe and pay that we used to Be hyped to say that now it's just nothing new

The Game:Niggas can't excel she makes 'em fail lil' nigga get lost like Dave Chapplle ain't Jay from Brooklyn? Yup blazin' el 'cause I know How it felt when he lost the feel, Tray died in the same 300 so I Stopped fucking with Chrysler put a crash bar on a Hummer

Fabolous:Wanna change but the number on the tail of the check I Rather die yelling my set and inhalin the *cough cough*

The Game:Loso lemme me choke on that take the wheel of the low Rider till the tires on the spokes go flat when the back lift up let The top go back me and Fab, Just Blaze when we hop on track IT TO EARLY

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