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Walk In The Streets

This song is by The Game.

Intro (Unknown)

This is a DJ Skee street grind world premiere

Verse 1 (The Game)

I challenge you to walk on this road
Many have tried to proceed from here, but they body go cold
Seen souls flyin high from out the window in the rove
It's a desert out here, California is a stove
360 degrees as the story is told
Pull the truck over to the side of the road,
Pull the brake up
Blow the horn before I get out, you n*ggas wake up
Hip HOP is soft, since the ROCAFELLA brake up
And I don't do sibliminals, I just pick Jay up
And all you other n*ggas stay up
I got a lot to live for, fuck you think I had a kid for
Gotta crawl before you walk, that's when you runnin' wit the big dogs
Betta slow down homie, 'cause when it go down homie
I ain't neva seen a one man army
But I done seen a lot of n*ggas spite, when them bullets take flight
You wanna see a dead body c'mon (walk wit me)

Chorus (Unknown Artist)

And all-that-you-see-is-The ghetto
Walk it out... WAAAAALK, walk wit me

Verse 2 (The Game)

Take me out the ?? he shall stood, oh yeah n*gga I'm back in the hood
40 ounce spillin on the sidewalk eatin away at the white chalk
Close to the project fence far away from n*ggas that might talk
Every city I roam is home, I make the right call,

10 minutes later, latin kings, disciple vice lords
'Cause n*ggas got me screwed, like dippin through the night ?ford?
I minus well get a ? put 28s between the white walls
That's too much driving, let me get out and walk a little
And soak up game listen to these Houston n*ggas talk a little
Must I remind you of that "Ghetto Boy" track
Your mind is playin' tricks on you, you'll neva go plaque
Unless you can recite a whole Snoop Dogg's track
I mean "Jin N Juice", ?"D-Cover"?, or somethin' like that
Just because I'm from Compton don't mean I don't know Kool G Rap
I'm on a road to riches mothafucka mess wit that

Chorus (Unknown Artist)

Verse 3 (The Game)

The beginnin of the first verse was just to talk out loud
Chronic and Lonney the 13th let me talk to my crowd
I'm combat West, let me see what's behind that vest
N*ggas is sleepin' on The Game I put they mind at rest
I'm talkin' to n*ggas dirty, every lines a mess
'Cause I'm from Killa Cali home of gang signs and techs
I seen a lot of n*ggas get shot, makin' that Compton pit stop
N*ggas like me, put it in a song, call it Hip Hop
Don't repeat what I say, just peep what I say
Apply it to your life let me be the reason you pray
I got that Pharacon flow, yeah I'm speakin' to millions
It's like slicin a ?bean pie?, when I'm teachin you children
N*ggas get to flushin them drugs when I creep through the buildin
I will rain on you n*ggas till it leak through threw your ceilin
Ima hold it down Lord willin'
Remember the first time we heard that you was spittin'
Went and brought that feelin'

Chorus (Unknown Artist)

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