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Purp & Yellow Skeetox

This song is by The Game and appears on the album Purp & Patron (2011).

(Hook/Intro x2 - Wiz Khalifa)
Yeah ah ha
You know what it is
Purp and yellow, Purp and yellow
Purp and yellow, Purp and yellow

(Hook - Wiz Khalifa)
Yeah ah ha, you know what it is
Everything I do, I do it big
Yeah ah ha, screaming that's nothin'
When I pull out the lot, that's stuntin'
I rep my town, when you see me me you know everything
Purp and yellow, Purp and yellow
Purp and yellow, Purp and yellow
I put it down from the whip to my diamonds, I'm in
Purp and yellow, Purp and yellow
Purp and yellow, Purp and yellow

(Snoop Dogg)
Swish! 24, that's black mamba
Snoop Dogg, he's a dope rhymer
Collaborates, with the golden state
In a yellow six deuce with the purple plates
I dip and dodge, I hit 3 and roll
Fish and chips, bounce pass down to Pau Gasol
We don't give a damn about the big 3
LA Lake show we bout to 3 peat
And you can bet, that's on the set
Ron Artest about to get wet
I'm on the flo' and that's a fact
Sittin' next to uncle Jack blazin' up the purple sack

Uh, Louie Vuitton Don
Purple 24's, yellow Lambo, I'm ridin'
Top blew the guts, doors goin' suicide
Stuff in the wood, niggas know we gon' kill that
Blow it in the air boy, know they gon' feel that
Purp and yellow, purp and yellow
Watch me ball like you sittin' with Phil at
Ten car caravan, Aston Martin's and all them hood whips
Them Cutlass's them Cadillacs's that leather be grippin' them wood tips
I was born up in the wood, claim Compton bet you ain't know that
Pops taught me how to get low in the floor clap
Went from a boy to a king, any block I five five four that
Nigga better know that, boy they playin'
Sawed off shotty
What they sayin'? Nothin' to a boss
I put two holes in that LeCar
I come through fuckin' niggas off
Hop in that truck and get lost
You playin' wit a king not Gretzky
Even if ya let me, keep yo girl wetter than Game on a jet ski
Ooh, cool, who say he smoother than a baby's ass
Pops was a dope boy we still spendin 80's cash
Look on that Mercedes dash, boy you know what it is
Blowin' on a scarecrow on my way to see the Wiz

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