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This song is by The Game.

Chorus:The Game:
It ain't easy growing up in California believe me, drive by hit connas ain't easy, light it up for 2pac and easy, gotta show them we ain't playing believe me, crowing up in California ain't easy drive by hit connas ain't easy, I'm the king and the west coast needs me, gotta show them we ain't playing

Hook:The Game:
All my crib homies was up, my blood homies was up, my eses was up show the homie some love, I'm back with an athem, homies trow your hands up, girls are dancing, you question my coast imma answer the lowridas imma try of this sticky green blazer the whole world baggin this whole thing is contagious, is like that like that trow your W's up like that like that watch me trow it right back, nobody can stop the bentley on top drive or survive you safe me I think not, now they think 50 made me baby I think not, whos responsable for Game career I think Doc, dre the day the only things that matter to me my sons my K, so stay the fuck away from LA, is the Game everybody know me.Mr 8x platium from the CPT.

Hook-Omar Cruz
Homie I promise you don't know them like I do, walk them like I do, roll with them like I do (can't tell what he says) Knowing were the crips hang knowing were the piru, knowing were the homies do or die for there barrio, homies that not true life style is sick man, knowing this city like the back of my pimp hand.reps LA homie this is LA, signs of the cruz coming soon so stay ready, it wouldn't be LA without mexicans, black love, brwon pride and the sex again, home cruz in the hood like pac in 95, can't make the phone call the whole west ride or die, cruzito ya es pa mi, they can't even trace you like magics HIV, they gotta replace you cause you ain't live like me, I'm the reason why you 35K's.

Reapeat Chorus

East LA is a Poweehouse, South Central is a Powerhouse, Watts is a Powerhouse, Long Beach is a Powerhouse, Inglewood is a Powerhouse, Compton is a Porhouse, Riverside is a POwerhouse, Pasedena is a Powerhouse

Yeah chain hanging, crome frames swanging, out of the west coast to my eses ? I'm back with the gage like back in the days with the rag back in the train out of the gang ? California time to stand up

Reapeat Chorus

Okland is a Powerhouse, Frisco is a Powerhouse, Sacramento is a Powerhouse, San Diego is a Powerhouse, Altadina is a Powerhouse, Carson is a Powerhouse, POMONA is a Powerhouse, California is a Powerhouse, To all my matafucking west side ridaz?

Reapeat Chorus

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