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Never Can Say Goodbye

This song is by The Game, features LaToiya Williams and appears on the album LAX (2008).

Picture me rollin' in that bmdub
Headed to the club
Fresh out the tyson fight
Beamer all rimmed up
Shinin with the big homie five car caravan
Ridin' shotgun put that chronic smoke in the air
Me against the world is what I told my foes
So it's me against the world till I poke them hos
Leanin out the window
Flickin ashes off the indo
Throwin' up westside I see one of my kinfolk
Put that blunt closer to my mouth cause only she knows
I'm feelin' bad about that nigga we stomped out in the casino
But fuck it its deathrow
The big homie never told me that my next blow would be my fuckin' death blow
Tell kadada I'm not ready I ain't even let my momma know
I ain't got no kids I'm only 24
Before I could let the smoke out niggas let 20 go
The 13 that hit the car went through the passenger door

(Chorus) Latoya Williams
Never can say goodbye
Never can say goodbye to my friends (X4)

I love it when they call me big poppa
I only smoke blunts if they rolled propa
Look I gots ta catch the first thing smokin' the cali
And hit one of my bitches in the valley
Gotta call my nigga sean
Tell him reserve the don
Tell him to get the chron and the teflon
I think they trippin' off the homie gettin' shot
But god bless his soul lord knows it wasn't pop or the mafia
Kim tell cease get the fuckin' truck
We bout to hit the Wolersheim district get fucked up
Pop bad bottles son twist up the phillies
I'm thinkin' bout tiana these niggas is lookin' silly
If this was brooklyn I would ump the 9 milli
But fuck it we to the truck roll a dutch we outta phillies
Hop in the front seat of that dark green suburban
Heard another car swerven
Gun shots closed my curtains

(Chorus) Latoya Williams
Never can say goodbye
Never can say goodbye to my friends (X4)

Layin in this hospital bed with bronchitus I can't talk
Walked myself in and all of a sudden I can't walk
Ivs in my arm my wife tomika at my legs
Ruthless I mean records we got married on my death bed
I can hear jerry heller in the hall
But I couldn't cube and dr. dre no more at all
Through all the bullshit them niggas were my dogs
Niggas wit atitude spray painted on the walls
I'm flatlinin its bad timin
Straight outta compton the king of gangsta raps dyin'
Cause of death the aids virus
Conspiricy I guess the government just hates violence
They thought my group influenced the L.A. riots
Woulda been here to see my kids grow if I stayed quiet
Took 12 years for a real nigga to break silence
Easy I had to let 'em know
U could catch me cruisin down the street in my 64

(Chorus) Latoya Williams
Never can say goodbye
Never can say goodbye to my friends (X4)

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