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Hustlers Dream

This song is by The Game.

Dre and Fidal
Niggas play everything live, nigga
Like Cool and The Game back in the day play it live, nigga
Fuck you niggas know about makin' beats?
You don't know shit
Pussies (Ha ha)
Fuck you ever seen a nigga in his 20s with a guitar, bitch?

Mothers only son, so I
Had to knock a nigga the fuck out on the block if he ever made my sisters cry
I was O Dog and Lorrenz taste dreams red everything niggas know what I mean
Red rag top and I made the dash pop
Before niggas came with stash spots, man
I was a dope man, dope man
I tried to tell 'em I could never be a felon, I was too good at sellin
Crack, X, Speed, and Heroin - fiends used to call me Monroe, 'cause I used to kill 'em down in Marilyn
Puttin' niggas underground give me a shovel he still alive fuck him, I was on that level
Back then I ain't believe in God, if he heal like they say on TV why bullets leave a scar?
Revenge is a feelin', but on my sons life when I catch the 2 niggas that shot me ima, kill em

Desperate moments I've been waiting all my life
No mistakes I promise this will be my time
I know hustlin leads us to an early grave
But it's the only way, how come niggas dying every day?

I watched the coke price double up, I was too young to be a cook, so I had to sit back and watch it bubble up
Sittin' in the window seein gang bangers knuckle up
Watchin the wind blow girls skirts while they double dutch
I had straight ds I wasn't in trouble much

Either you do my homework for me or ima fuck you up
Moms lied for me told her friends I was a nice student
Would a had all a's if algebra was Ice Cube
There it is, I studied a veteran hopin that one day I could be a fuckin' hip hop legend
I listened to Nas, Big, Dre, Snoop and even though Pac hated him I bumped Jay too
Bought Reasonable Doubt and let it play straight through
Used to throw my head back, like Kanye do
Niggas never thought that I would break through, Irv, Gotti, and P Diddy passed but Jimmy and Dre knew

No clue on this part

I'm talkin' to my niggas, All Stars and Timberlands
(North Face is a pin and it's a million thugs marchin?)
For the dearly departed I elevated my knowledge
They say that I was name droppin', I was just payin' homage
For Lil E and Tiana, I'm sayin' that dear mama help me read between the lines pass periods and commas
The million dollar baby young homie tryna prosper
Act like you don't see me, you might win a Oscar
Act like you don't see me, I might just pop ya
Niggas singin' like Sinatra I box like Bernard Hopkins
Left jab like Oscar, I'm the golden boy, you niggas seen what happened to Roy
Yeah, you niggas seen what happened to Roy
On my block niggas box we the knockout boys
Sittin' in the throne with the Douja sparkin, it's my seat and I ain't movin like Rosa Parks
Ima be here

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