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Esr Raydas

This song is by The Game.

I will ride and kill wit cha
Loyal nigga wut
High wen we ride
Armed wit tha snub
Live like we blood
Where ma dogs
Uh there's my dogs
I will ride kill witcha nigga you know tha story
Niggaz know how we ride leave a murder scene gory
Need ur dog I'll be there in a hurry

Got tha same mind agree on 1 thing juss like we was a jury
U know wut they say you get wut you pay 4
I give luv 2 ma dogs 2 get backs wut I stay 4
But itz neva sumfin I really have 2 wait 4
Ma home iz yo home mi causa su causa
Quick 2 kill ne nigga trynna knock you off lyfes rosta
If you can't luv a nigga don't even botha
Gle iz made 4 only a real rayda
I gave sum y'all niggaz luv but you left ms heart broken
But tha loyals hearts broken will always leave tha disloyals hearts smokin'
This gose 2 ma niggaz thatz bloodin and loc'in
Will you return wen you leave home well a niggaz hopin

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