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Been Thugin

This song is by The Game.

Yung Syn been thugin since birth
Don't need $ 2 prove my worth
Ma beef iz a curse/ gurlz need me round juss like dey purse
U need raps savior I been due
All I need iz tha heater 2 change a devote christian in2 a hindu
I'm quick 2 holla at 2 daughters
I'll give a nigga a buck 50 & I don't me a dolla and 2 quaters
If niggaz wanna beef meet me on bailey

And truss me if I lose u'll loose homies dailey
Nigga you pull fast but I pull fasta
I'll have you goin' 2 so many funerals u'll get jelousy from ya pasta
Nigga you soft it don't take much 2 beat ya
Try ta ice me I'll give you tha heata
Nigga I hit ya quick have ya chest failin
Nigga I'm still thuggin' & I will be till ma last tyme exhalin

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