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American Dream

This song is by The Game.

Bad boy collabo
Let's get it

Look, its Keshia Cole and the black Kenneth Cole
Black Air one's, all black soul
I'm 'bout to take control like Janet
Damnit, can't stand it
So so def J.D can't handle it
Bust shots in LA, bust shots in new york,
Bust shots with Big and Pac, Puff in his new ??
Crazy shit that happen when you mix rappin' with trappin
Fuck around and get ur wig pushed backwards
Pushed off the backboards
Blow dat thing
California license plate, u know that Benz
I'm focused like a Kodak lens
Bought my Aston Martin by the garden
Told 'em hold that thing
I'm back, king cali
Twistin up the cali
Palm trees and the breeze make it feel like Maui
I guess this how a nigga 'posed to feel
When ur 29 sittin' on 29 mil

I don't make up with bitches I get me a new Cover Girl
One I can trust no hoes inside the rubber girl
I fuck all girls tall ones, big bitches
Drove my car down broadway, big switches
Been through Queens with 50 and Lambourghins
Drove through Texas in a brand new lexus

G.S shit, the best shit, I mess with
The further I go down south the better the sex get
But that's me sippin on Don P
Blowin' cali's finest, I don't mean palm trees
Want green? niggas meet me at the bar
Bitches valet cars and come dance with a star
Better yet, I'm the American idol
Strapped with assault rifles pointed at my rivals
My elevator goin' straight to the top nigga I won't stop
Diddy, let's get it

What's a bad boy? same as a goon
Before I step in the room
You see a sign sayin: Diddy comin' soon
Haters I'm still dancin, young, black and handsome
Sean Jean 2 piece smellin better than ??
New York Nicks, courtside, nigga And1
I can stop making the bands, 'cause I am one
New york need me, Cali gave me a star
If you don't believe me; Hollywood boulevard
You can go there
If you ever need the D.I double D.Y, B.A.D B.O.Y
Good in any hood, no vest, no 45
Got my man lookin' down on me from
Angels all around me
Flyin over my lambo
And I never stop burnin wax like a candle
Hottest nigga on the globe
Got my yacht on cruise control in my Louis Vuitton robe, yeah

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