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'Till The Wheels Fall Off

This song is by The Game.

I just got home and I feel like a brand new day
So I'm gon' roll till my wheels fall off
I'ma take it one day at a time, snooze, I say
That's why I roll till my wheels fall off
I got called once and I bet it gon' happen again if I
Keep rollin' till my wheels fall off
You only live once that's why I suggest to my friends that they
Roll till your wheels fall off

Glass house, candy painting, low ridin' twenty-two's
Run up on my old schools, see what the semi do
A hop out, corner store grab me a O.E.
White-tee dicky sagging G-Unit sneak's
Twelve-inch cross-fires, you can still hear my speakers
Dre started gangsta rappin' niggas still sleepin'
Cashville Ten-e-key, Compton still got 'em cheaper
Feds on next tails we still carry beepers
Stash hold everything fire arms, cocain,
Drive-bys leave ya brains hangin' like my gold chain
Ten G's on you fitted, fucking with my dope game
Ski mask, climbing through your window like Bro, man
In the hood fiends snitchin' on niggas for quarter rock
Everybody on the floor, face down, gun shot
All black bandana, infared, pass the glock
Phantom in the drive way let the motha'fuckin' neighbourhood watch

Homie let the D R A M A pop
'Fore a nigga clap back somebody gotta take shots
Eighty-four magazine for that Benzino shit
Don't believe the hype, Dre the Chuck D. in it
Aftermath, G-Unit, Shady rap politics
Eat this beef shit, load up hollow-tips
Boys, I cock back forty-five, swallow shit
Lift niggas souls up like a hydrolics switch
All I know is gangbangin', bandana's, poppin' clips
Ass out, three-wheelin', bangin' two 'pacalypse
Hood rat, model chick, six-four impalla shit
G's up, hoes down, make bitches swallow dick
Suck me, Eminem, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre
Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, D Mack, Big Fate
Free Tony Yayo, suck him out of G-Unit
Tell evil-kenevil nobody stuntin' like he do it
But nah

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