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The Long Goodbye

This song is by The GC5 and appears on the album Never Bet The Devil Your Head (2002).

Another time, a different page, when ignorance was all the rage
I used to count my blessings to know you
It抯 mouths like yours that spread disease
Everyone in your sight is weak at the knees
Waiting for your true intentions to show through
Call in the exterminator this place is full of bugs
Rats show their faces later when you抳e already pulled the plug
Boys like you don抰 wear no crowns and girls like you don抰 wear no frowns
They抮e only jesters in someone else抯 court
Discontented but entertained, dangerous but easily contained
Looking to someone to hold their fort
Nowhere to run nowhere to turn after all your bridges burn
Got no shoulders you can cry on and no one you can rely on
Apologies the most that you抣l admit
You and I can meet where the avenues hit the streets
And we抣l settle our score of problems once and for all
I抣l meet you in the park an hour after dark
And I抣l try to talk but you抎 rather see a brawl
When your heroes and villains converge
Another picture will emerge
Did you ever think that this would end with such a long goodbye?

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