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Raisins & Rubberbands

This song is by The Fuzz and appears on the album Noise Destroyers (2003).

changes just slide right off my back
didn't know i'd act just like a rubberband
stretch out again
i'm getting dumb

oh god, i failed again
you'll never lose it's your game
and all those days drug on far too long
leave me something for when you're not here

raining on my back.. ..studdering again
i know all about the camel's hump that's on your back
have you seen me staring at my shoes and not that

pained hands to keep you off my back
now you've seen me act i'm like a rubberband
stretched out again
i'll make you dumb

oh god i failed again
you'll never lose it's your game
with all i've ate today i'm so so tired
i'll fall asleep again and lose a perfect day......

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