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Mind So Much

This song is by The Fuzz and appears on the album Remember To Forget (1999).

When your head slides off
and rolls up on my door
before I fall awake.
I will die again because my heart's not
there I left it in your hands.
Just because you come, it doesn't mean I'm there
maybe there's something more.
You could make me come and I'll be on T.V.
just like I see you now.
Yesterday you smiled.
Surprised that I was there and you were
smiling at me, I didn't know you cared.
I wish I had you now but I'll just
drop my head so you can live some more.
I know when you'll leave and you will
shine again before I fade away.
Yesterday you smiled.
Surprised you said my name and
told me that you cared, I never loved you more.

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