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The Frogs (1988)Edit

The Frogs - The Frogs

The Frogs

  1. And So You're the King
  2. C-R-Y
  3. Layin' Down My Love 4 U
  4. Ocean Tide
  5. She Was a Mortal
  6. I'm a Jesus Child
  7. What the Trouble Was
  8. Funhouse
  9. Buried Me Alive
  10. Smile
  11. Persian Cat
  12. F'D Over Jesus
  13. Hades High School
  14. Don't B Afraid
  15. I Can't Remember
  16. Whether U Like It or Not I Love U

It's Only Right and Natural (1989)Edit

The Frogs - It's Only Right and Natural

It's Only Right and Natural

  1. I've Got Drugs (Out of the Mist)
  2. I Don't Care If U Disrespect Me (Just So You Love Me)
  3. Hot Cock Annie
  4. These Are the Finest Queen Boys (I've Ever Seen)
  5. Rosy Jack World
  6. Someone's Pinning Me to the Ground
  7. Baby Greaser George
  8. (Thank God I Died In) The Car Crash
  9. Gather 'Round for Savior #2
  10. Richard Dick Richards
  11. Men (Come on Men)
  12. Dykes We Are
  13. Been a Month Since I Had a Man
  14. Homos

My Daughter the Broad (1996)Edit

The Frogs - My Daughter the Broad

My Daughter the Broad

  1. Reelin' & Rockin' #1
  2. Children Run Away (The Man With the Candy)
  3. Where's Jerry Lewis?
  4. I'm Evil, Jack
  5. April Fools (He Had the Change Done at the Shop)
  6. The Boys With the Boys
  7. I'm Sad the Goat Just Died Today
  8. Gwendolyn Macrae
  9. Put Your Finger in the Dike, Stop the Leak
  10. God Is Gay
  11. I Love U (You Know I Don't)
  12. Stand Up for Your Rights (Or Sit Down)
  13. Lifeguard of Love
  14. I'm Hungry
  15. Banjo Bonnie
  16. Which One of You Gave My Daughter the Dope?
  17. Candyland Joe
  18. I Had a Second Change Done at the Shop (Now I've Added Animal Cocks)
  19. Who's Sucking on Grandpa's Balls Since Grandma Ain't Home Tonight?
  20. Grandma Sitting in the Corner With a Penis in Her Hand Going No, No, No, No, No
  21. Dreambox
  22. Reelin' & Rockin' #2


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