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This song is by The Frames and appears on the album Fitzcarraldo (1995).

My evergreen
You are always gonna be
No winter winds
Can take you far from me
These tides of time
Have carved a few new lines
Oh but they've never changed my mind

My evergreen
Beside me you will be
When all the world was cold and golden
Your colours ceased to bleed

Oh my evergreen
You are always gonna be, gonna be

Keep on, keep on
Cause your season's gonna come
When all these storms have passed and done
This distance will be gone
And I swear we will be one
When this race has all been run

And I stole to see the hail
Falling down in through your hair
Through your hair

Oh my evergreen
Oh you are always gonna be
Oh my evergreen
Oh you are always gonna be, gonna be

Written by:

Glen Hansard

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