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Meskeeters (Sweet Sixteen)

This song is by The Foxymorons and appears on the album Bible Stories (2010).


Sweet sixteen, you know you're a dream
Oh, the denim sihouette of your lie
Toss one back in the Cadillac
And wave the smoke away from your eyes.

Keep him in your pocket
You've got the summer in your sight
A picture in your locket
The radio and halogen moonlight.

Your boyfriend's broke, you think it's a joke
Now you're looking for an older guy
So at the dairy queen you talk to so obscene
And you leave without saying goodbye.

Keep him in your pocket
You've got the future in your eye
A picture in your locket
Oh, such a pity, don't you cry.

You better look now
You better slow down
But you're the queen now
Of this one horse town.

Drinking gin, they call it a sin
But you're feeling nice and warm inside
In fifteen years you'll be serving the beers
In the tavern where you're killing time.