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This song is by The Four Seasons and appears on the album Working My Way Back to You and More Great New Hits (1966).

Sundown, sundown
Two lovers meet
They share a kiss on some dark street
We live in shadows
We have to hide
But I don't care
We've got love on our side
Sundown keeps us from sight
But all us are frightened of the night
We may be running and so our love
But we've got dreams that we call our own
My folks tried to keep us apart
They don't want me seeing you
My friends say you'll break my heart
No, no, no
I don't think this is true.
End of the day
We'll find our secret hideaway
The time is coming
When we'll run
Then we'll bring our love out there in the sun
We will walk in the sun
Walk in the sun
We will walk in the sun