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This song is by The Forgotten.

Repitition of the statements run for years
Woven through the lyrics and visionary's tears
Repeated to (?) upon you -open your eyes and listen

The same mistake made, tried and true
Always fallin' prey, always actin' like the roub
You fight for answers, others fight for air
Open your eyes and listen

The pendulum slams back and forth
Pushing time to increase its imaginary force
The final gravity is untold if we refuse to see

The crowd revolts they say they heard it all before
Maybe so, but they still don't know the score
Off to fight in the ignorance war. game set and won

Lift yer head and hear me speak
These things we must repeat and maybe once
Or just one will hear the words and listen

Hate the message don't hate the messenger
You misconstrue it but I know you always knew it
Its more fun to fight the whole damn world
If you never listen

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