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Move On Up

This song is by The Flying Lizards and appears on the album Fourth Wall (1981).

Hush now child
And don't you cry
Your folks might understand you
By and by
Just move on up
Towards your destination
Though you might find
From time to time
Some complication

Bite your lip
And take a trip
There may be
That road ahead
And you cannot slip

Just move on up
Be so fine
Into the steeple
Of beautiful people
There's only one kind

So move on up
And keep on wishing
Remember your dream
It's your only scheme
So keep on pushing

Take nothing less
Than the second best
You're not afraid of
Rumors people say
So you can pass the test

Just move on up
To a greater gain
It's just the rule of fate
If you put your mind to it
You can surely do it

Move on up
Move on up
Move on up
Move on up
Move on up
All the time
Just move on up

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