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This song is by The Flying Lizards and appears on the album Fourth Wall (1981).

Like dead man's shoes
They'll wear no more
Vagrants wander
To where?
What for?

Like those who moan
Have yet to live
Some just take
Some just give

Like the weather
That won't go away
If you got the choice
Then why stay?

Like the mindless creatures
Who work each day
While learned men think
Hypocrites pray

Like politicians with schedules to keep
Bums spend their days wondering where they'll sleep

Like all great masters
Locked away in bins -
Makes me wonder why I condone these sins

Do de
De doodle do
Look at me
Look at me
What do you see
What do you see
I see a girl
I see a girl
A grown girl
A grown girl
A grown girl
A grown girl
A grown girl

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